Cedar Mesa Ranch

Raising the finest Angus Cattle and Navajo-Churro Sheep, the way nature intended.

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Cedar Mesa Ranch Contact Info

Andrew Schafer 970-749-2148

Kendra Schafer 970-739-4898

Email  cedarmesaranch@gmail.com


Lot 2 - SMR 6226 Ultimate  0633 son
Lot 2 – SMR 6226 Ultimate 0633 son


Our Cattle

The Cedar Mesa cow herd is comprised of cows that do their job,  functionality comes first.  An emphasis has always been placed on balanced trait cattle, evident in predictable performance and phenotype. It is our goal to produce cattle that boost our customers’ profitability. The high elevation of the mountain states doesn’t allow for cattle that don’t excel at high altitude. Each year the entire calf crop is Pulmonary Arterial Pressure (PAP) Tested. Our diligence in PAP testing has resulted in every cow in the herd having been tested.  Many Cedar Mesa bulls have been utilized in operations who run at elevations of 9,000 feet and above. We run our cattle like our customers do, this means our cows are expected to calve unassisted, in a foraged based system, and wean a heavy calf without creep feed.